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SeaWolf Gourmet Seasonings add wag to dog food brands, for all breeds and all size dogs!

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Focusing on health & fun!

Integrative Veterinary Care - focused on providing a complete holistic approach to caring for our companions. You may enjoy hearing from Dr. Katie Kangas.

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It's about the little things

Wanting to help an old dog eat, or even a dog bored with daily food.... Organic herbs, natural freeze-dried protein. Use with all dog food brands, for all breeds and sizes. Large dogs, small dogs or petite dogs. Healthy and simple. Clean eating for dogs.

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You only want the  best for your dog. SeaWolf gets it... We only want the best for ours too, that's why we developed our Dog Food Seasonings... for the inner howl in every dog... Give them variety and healthy supplements.

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Happy dog with ball

Any time of year

Just a Little Extra Flavor

Start with a pinch ...a little extra taste goes a long way!

Just a dash.

mellow doodle

Look at that face

You know they want it

The look you get when you sprinkle something yummy on their food . . .

That's all it takes !

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